CFATS Compliance

The Erinnyes Group provides essential services and solutions for homeland security, national defense and intelligence. We are a trusted asset to our global customers providing them with threat & vulnerability assessments, Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) consulting, intelligence & technology services, physical & cyber penetration testing and defense advisory. In the post-9/11 security environment, threat detection and preemption is crucial to safeguard interests and save lives. CFATS regulations are intended to enhance the security of U.S. chemical storages and plants against terrorist attacks, however they also contribute to regulatory complexity. Our CFATS services offer a comprehensive solution to help our customers implement best practices and procedures to comply with these Department of Homeland Security requirements. From assessing risk to planning site security to implementing protective measures, our physical security expertise will satisfy these demanding DHS regulations and make it as pain-free a process for your company as possible.

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