Threat and Vulnerability

Our mission is to protect and mitigate risk for our customers. We achieve this goal by conducting full spectrum threat and vulnerability assessments. We present a turn-key solution that encompasses a full assessment, corrective action plans, plan implementation, training, exercise generation and Red Team activities. Red Teams are comprised of a group of special operators that actively attempt to penetrate and test security systems, command and control, border control, operating methods and intrusion defenses.

Assessment Categories

  • Construction, energy and transportation sectors desiring to expand into higher risk operating areas.
  • Threat and security due diligence for corporate acquisition and expansion.
  • Public Events (Olympics, America's Cup, etc.)
  • Installation and facilities requiring security and defense perimeter testing (Red Team).

Facility evaluations include:

  • Chemical Facilities
  • Sea, Rail and Airport,
  • Water, power-grid, and other critical infrastructures.
  • Stadiums, large event locations and conferences.
  • Hotels and other high risk facilities

The assessment, evaluation, corrective action and training are essential for risk reduction from criminals, terrorists or the effects of a natural disaster. The threat and vulnerability assessment is critical for continuity of operations across a spectrum of business and governments entities.

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